The Problem

The single greatest waste of time and money in technology development is a lack of planning and understanding for what the final product should look like and how it should function. Changing direction mid-development is costly and time consuming.

Our Solution

Before ANY money is invested directly into actual development, a well-defined roadmap should be established and success should be clearly defined. Creating a set of blueprints and planning documents will enable any development team to execute your SPECIFIC vision without ambiguity or uncertainty.

Our Goal

We want to architect, plan, design and vet your idea on paper before you invest substantial sums of money on actual development. This will enable any development team to execute your specific vision rather than THEIR interpretation of your vision. Our goal is to “download” your idea and begin to craft and create a functional product around it. Even if you decide that we’re not the right team to develop your end product, you’ll come out of this phase with a complete set of executable plans to take elsewhere.

Our Workflow Design Process

Concept Drilldown

We begin by breaking your platform down into two independent sections, users and features. We want to understand how a user will interact with your system and we want to have a firm grasp on the features and functions they'll have access to.

Workflow Design

Workflow design is essential to understanding how your users will interact with the end product. We take your end requirements and work them into a functioning system. Our goal is to evaluate each user type, each objective, and each benefit associated with those objectives. Our software architects will help guide you through each step to identify the important components of your system.

Wireframing and Architecture

Each workflow that was designed in step two is translated into a set of wireframes to visually depict a user's path when using specific features within your desired system. This step is intended to visually depict screen transitions, field organization, and user objectives. Each screen and data input represents an eventual field within the final product.

Q & A Test Matrix

Any successful software development relies on ESTABLISHING A CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS. This is critical because it clearly defines what the system should do and how it should do it. Without this documentation, your development team is left guessing and making independent decisions. This step will define workflow rules and all testing criteria.

Budgeting and Scheduling

Once we have a technical design, a blueprint and workflow rules, we can begin to schedule and financially plan your development. This process involves phasing out each component and module. It's common for our customers to spread out their developments based on budget constraints and logistics.

Workflow Design Deliverables


Your storyboard outlines all user types, all system features, and basic testing criteria. This is designed to function as an outline for all workflows contained within your system.

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Our team will wireframe your product based on the finalized
storyboard. The wireframes are a powerful low-fi visualization of each workflow and depict how the actual product will flow. This is your system design on paper.

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Testing Matrix

Every screen of your platform needs a series of criteria that your development team can develop to. These are the criteria that you’ll go through and test to ensure that each screen of your platform does what it should. Most development teams determine cost and scope off of your testing matrix.

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Dev Budget

Your development budget is created to meet long and short term constraints in addition to product delivery dates. Since we have a full understanding of your system, we can strategically budget based on your time and financial goals. Projects can be phased out over a year or completed within months.

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Project Schedule

We’ll take your budget considerations and match it with your system blueprint. At the conclusion of this step, you’ll have and end-to-end development schedule that matches your development budget. Creating these schedules is only possible after your system is finalized and your budget is solidified.

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Our planning cost is tiered based on the amount of money you’re wanting to spend on the development of your product. In the event that you decide to develop your platform with our team, we credit back the planning cost DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR to be applied directly to your development. For every partner that decides to develop with us, their planning phase becomes free.

$5,000 – $15,000

8 Workflows

3 Weeks

$2,500 / Free





$15,000 – $25,000

12 Workflows

5 Weeks

$3,500 / Free

$25,000 – $35,000

16 Workflows

6 Weeks

$4,500 / Free

$35,000 +

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Call for custom package

Call for custom package