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Quick Facts

Industry Stats


Industry avg. cost to build a basic mobile app

120 Days

Industry avg. cost to build a basic mobile app

Our Stats


Our avg. cost to build a basic mobile app

60 Days

Our avg. cost to build a basic mobile app

Our Challenge

Call three development firms, tell them your idea and average the cost that each firm gives you. Compare those numbers and time allotted to our averages. We will blow away any competition.

How and Why?

Planned Development

Most firms do your planning, research/development, proof of concept and schemas during development. This method is an incredible waste of expensive resources. Any project tha hits our development team has been designed, planned and prove. We never pursue a direction unless we have a feedback loop to validate it. Our develpers develop by following a tested detailed plan, they dont make unlateral decisions as most dirms are set up to do.

Agile Project Managementz

Agile project management allows us to develop in 2 week cycles. At the conclusion of those cycles you have a tangible deliberanle to tinker and play with. These 2 week loops are important so we don’t get to far down the road without internal feedback loops. traditionally a client is delivered the product in a full once cplete. Tjhe traditional method wastes siginificant sums of money ever time you need to tweak or change something. Those changes impact the entire system. We believe that evaluating progress every 2 weeks gives our clients the flexibility to integrate feedback llops through the ientire development process.

Rapid Prototyping (MVP)

Phase one of every development is to create what we call a “minimal viable product”.This is a scaled down version of your final product designed to put into the hands of early users. We dont want to build your entire system upfront; we want to develop a prototype first so that we can get feedback. Doing this si 2 week intervals allows us to build the product module by module with real time feedback. User influenced development saves signficant time and money.

The Development Toolbox

Frameworks / Libraries

Since we develop dozens of applications a year, we have the advantage of a robust framework library. This matters to you because we don’t have to create every element of your application from scratch. We are able to recycle and reuse core frameworks to save time and money.

PM Platform

We use a series of technologies that are designed to integrate with your organic workflow. This enables fluid communication between our team and yours as the development progresses. The goal is to eliminate as much down time as possible when communicating about various elements of your product. Rather than wait 2 days for scheduled calls, we want to maximize communication loops.

Integrated QA Testing

The most challenging process of any development is the testing and debug phase. Traditionally, this is done at the end of every project in a half-hearted manner. We believe testing needs to happen during development to save time. Since we develop our testing criteria in our planning phase, we’re able to build your product alongside that pre-established rubric.

Our Development Stacks

Application Development

Tier 1 : Angular with Ionic (Cross Platform)

Tier 2 : Swift (iOS) and Java (Android)

Tier 3 : Native (iOS) and C# (Android)

Software Development

Tier 1 : Java

Tier 2 : PHP

Tier 3 : C and C++

Database Development

Tier 1 : SQL

Tier 2 : MySQL

Tier 3 : N/A

CRM Development

Tier 1 : Custom (PHP/Java)

Tier 2 : Salesforce

Tier 3 : ZoHo

Tier 1 Technology Stacks

Tier 2 Technology Stacks

Tier 3 Technology Stacks

Application Development

Angular with Ionic (Cross Platform)

Swift (iOS) and Java (Android)

Native (iOS) and C# (Android)

Software Development



C and C++

Database Development




CRM Development

Custom (PHP/Java)