Tech’s First Digital Incubator.

Digitally incubating early stage startups regardless of physical geography.




How Does a Digital Incubator Work?


  • Virtually connecting teams and advisors through digital meeting rooms


  • Digitally integrated communication and project management platforms to facilitate collaboration


  • Video conferencing to develop more personal and lasting relationships


  • Work with our software architects to create a detailed and defined technical blueprint complete with budgets, timelines, and product architecture


  • Collaborate with our advisors to solidify a scaleable plan of execution that’s uniquely tailored to what our investment partners want to fund


  • Transform your idea into a business worthy of a strategic investment


  • Get matched with angel and seed round investors who have requested deals within the industry and market you intend to redefine


  • Pitch strategic partners interested in funding your MVP and initial proof of concept


  • Get funded and begin the wonderfully exciting journey of being a tech entrepreneur in a rapidly changing world

Incubator By the Numbers

Class size
$2.79 Million
Total Funded
$1.9 Million
Available Funding
Opening For
the Next Class

Our Funding Advantage – Stacking the Deck in Your Favor

The Problem

Due to the early stage nature of Angel round funding, investors are inundated with a wide spectrum of ideas, pitches, and proposals. The lack of structure and standarization of these pitches adds risk and time as investors weed though a variety of opportunities. As a business, its hard to get attention and standout. You are guessing what each fund wants to see and attempting to tailor your pitch without any understanding of what each investor’s priority is.

Our Solution

We work closely with 42 angel funds to standardize and tailor ideas, concepts, and pitches to fit what they want to see and invest in. Our product conceptualization and technical Architecture processes have been specifically designed to the criteria of these funds.

Our Goal

The companies exiting our incubator have a 92% funding rate. This success has everything to do with strategically matching buisnesses with funds that have specifically requested a type of investment. In addition to matching portfolio objectives, the pitch and accompanying documentation has been created to meet their specified and identified requirements. We call this process volume pitching.

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