About Us

Gantzer Inc. was started in sunny San Diego in 2013 as a small development firm. Since then our firm has grown to serve some of the country’s largest corporations. Our passion is helping startups entrepreneurs and businesses develop smart and well thought out technology. We’ve witnessed the excessive waste of both time and money in this industry, and as a result we made it our mission to bring an end to it. We believe in lean development, we believe that development should be fun and a learning experience.


We live in an amazing age! We have the power to take an idea and transform it into an actual product! We develop because we’re PASSIONATE about the execution of dreams and ideas.


Our Management Team

Kyle Gantzer

Kyle is a proud graduate of the University of Arizona where he earned a bachelor of science degree in Management Information Systems. His passion for smart design and lean technology development began after a very poor experience in another venture. Since that time, Kyle has been committed to helping clients realize their dreams through an organized and methodical approach to software.

Raj Jhaveri
Sr. Technology Advisor and Entrepreneur in Residence

Raj is Gantzer’s senior technology advisor and the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) responsible for guiding companies through our incubator. With stints at Harvard Medical, MIT, McKinsey, IBM (Watson Oncology Group), Techstars, and several CTO positions, Raj adds immense value to our partners. His understanding of the medical space along with a deep knowledge of technology (AI, VR/AR, Blockchain) gives our partners a unique and invaluable perspective on how to execute their long-term vision.


Raj has recently made the exciting move to the West Coast (from New York City) and we’re actively trying to sell him on “west coast being the best coast.” Clients lucky enough to work with Raj soon realize there are only a few qualified technical advisors like him.

Mark Hernandez
Lead Project Manager

Mark Hernandez is our lead Project Manager at Gantzer Inc. He is a graduate of the University of San Diego and has been a part of the Gantzer team since the fall of 2014. His experience includes a mix of management and quality control for medical informatics software projects throughout all stages of development. Typical software developments include EMR and medical billing systems, CRM database and customized HIPAA compliant healthcare applications.


Mark is a native of Denver, Colorado and is passionate about the outdoors. In his free time he can usually be found in the mountains either snowboarding, camping, hiking, or any other combination three. In college he took a full semester to sail around the world to fully immerse himself in new cultures. It turns out that Mark is also an exceptional golfer. This was realized after he hustled us all for money during our team retreat last year.

Ali Abbas
Senior Software Architect

Ali Abbas is our seasoned software architect and development director. His vast experience began as a junior programmer at HP which launched him into the wild and wonderful world of technology. Since HP, Ali has held senior development positions at Qualcomm, IBM, and several successful startups. We are proud to say that he’s our leading technology and programming expert here at Gantzer. We’ve yet to be able to ask Ali a technical question that he hasn’t be able to answer, his wealth of knowledge far exceeds our comprehension.

John Robbart
Customer Experience Manager

John Robbart III is our Head Customer Experience Manager. John began his professional career in the United States Marines as a Sergeant in South Korea. His experience includes a mix of software sales and software design, specializing in LAMP stack development. John works closely with our internal team to ensure that the vision he sold you on is being executed and delivered per your initial understanding of the process. His level of professionalism and “matter of fact-ness” provides our clients with the assurance that their vision is executed correctly.


John is a proud native of San Diego, California and is incredibly passionate about physical fitness. In his free time, you can usually find John in the gym. As an amateur bodybuilder, he has incredible discipline and will work non stop until he completes his current objective. It turns out that John is also an incredible bar tender, he’s a dangerous man to hit the town with.